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html5 topo

jTopo(Javascript Topology library) Is a relationship based solely on the HTML5 Canvas, topology GUI development kits. JTopo focus on the graphical display of data, it is designed for developers, the need for secondary development. JTopo is simple to use, you can quickly create graphs,...


Highcharts is a written in pure JavaScript a chart library, can be very simple and convenient in Web site or web application to add interactive charts, and provided free of charge to individual learning, personal websites and non-commercial use. HighCharts supports the chart type curve chart, histog...

HTML5 source

D3 is one of the most popular visualization libraries, it is used by many other tables plugin. It allows arbitrary data to bind to DOM, and then apply the transformation to the data-driven Document. You can use an array to create a basic HMTL table, or use excessive fluid and interactive, amazing SV...

JavaScript create beautiful chart curve of pie or bar

I'm currently working on a big refactor of the library into a more object oriented structure.It'll have an extendable class structure for adding community developed chart types. By opening up components into Chart.js into extendable classes, it'll allow for much easier community driven library exten...


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