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Animated Banners

space:nowrap;"><? php include("ph/init.php") ; $s = 新 signUpClass ; -如果 ($s > logged_in()) { header("Location:/enact/home") ; exit() ; }? > <!DOCTYPE html 公众"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 过渡 / / EN"""> &l...

Javascript Genetic Algorithm

align:left;"> Genetic Algorithm using Javascript Programming The program demonstrates the genetic algorithm, in which methods analogous to the process of natural evolution are applied to solve problems on a computer. This "artificial evolution" uses reproduction, mutation, and genet...

Snow Effect

Snow Effect embed for web site, you can use this script when winter come and before Noel This Effect make your site look so cool It suggest you festival gonna come ...

JQuery popup layer

art. Dialog JavaScript dialog boxes is a lightweight and highly compatible components, software lets your Web pages interact with desktop-like user experience.Feature: support for lock screen (matte), simulate the alert and confirm, multiple window pop up, static positioning, supports the Ese, timin...

Web Player code

This code is a Web Player code, and can support a variety of video playback. If you want to run this code you must install player plugins, or windstorm, fast play and other players....

JSON WEB package

size: 12px;">本程序使用了extjs库, 3.2.x; 欢迎大家使用并提出意见! 谢谢!...

Alert flat design

JQuery alert flat design, appearance, hoping to help those people in need, for everyone to download.     ...


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