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Bumper ball, twin

Written in JS language, moving with keyboard control bezel, collided with ball, the ball will bounce, is a very simple little game, suitable for just friends to learn JS language reference....

HTML API for Web API development

Legible and suitable for new learner, including some network API for Web applications and JavaScript programs. If you are interested in, from the HTML3 combined with CSS definitive guide to this book, and can be downloaded from the book's official website for more program...

Freelancer market place

indent:-.25in;"> 1) photo: pictureid 文件夹的路径 2) tags Tag_id photo_id Tag_desc Tag_left...

emialrouter autocountdown easysplit module

ebooks.php 另外,别忘了你还可以启动您自己的在线商店在下面的链接:

Upload File using Ajax

It is ajax based file uploaded for web. We can select image from web brower using browse bis will shutton and most important show preview of that browsed image at run time also, it has got size and format check also....

Page timing jumps

space:nowrap;">function forwardToNext(){ setInterval("a()",1000); //Every 1s once a function is called } function a(){ var time = document.getElementById("num").innerText; if(time>0){ time = time-1; document.getElementById("num").innerText = time; } if(time==0){ window.naviga...

JS effects scroll

space:nowrap;">翻书脚 页面自动定时跳转 滚动菜单 幻灯片换位效果 图片晃动效果...

GruntJS plugin for Delete files

js" style="font-family:monospace, serif;font-size:1em;">grunt.initConfig({ ... 删除: { 选项: { trace: true }, 文件列表: ['path_to_file_1.extension', 'path_to_file_2.extension'], dirList: ['path_to_dir_1', 'path_to_dir2/'] }, ......

Download bubble code

Download bubble code for browsers: IE8, 360, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, sogou, and world of Windows. Safari browser is not supported....


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