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kendo.common.min.js Beautiful Web page development, interface development. Spend more Time to create Application to please users, Less time development Common functionality And coordination Different JavaScript frameworks 。 Kendo UI is to build modern Web and HTML5,JavaScript,...


dhtmlxGantt is an open source JavaScript Gantt chart that helps you visualize a project schedule in a nice-looking chart. It can show the dependencies between tasks as lines and allows you to set updifferent relationships between tasks (finish-to-start, start-to-start, end-to-end). dhtmlxGantt provi...


Ckplayer is based on Flash development, and integrates the functions of HTML5 video, compatible format is rich but it also has its limits. One: Flash supports H.264 format only. So for the traditional video formats are not supported, such as (WMV,AVI,rmvb). II: live HTML5 support, but do...

JSP books management system management system,

One with JSP write library management system, mysql as the database, the database can also be used as a small, can be used to project design course....

JQuery puzzle game upgrades

JQuery puzzle game upgrades, it is suitable for beginners, you can download the study, can learn, is quite good....

Simple flowchart generating code in Js

This is simple flow chart generater in Js. Flowchat is generated automatically...

HTML5 backgammon game

Application backgroundThis is a pure JavaScript in the page write the game, not only the game screen is gorgeous and set up their own difficulty, and can choose the man-machine war everyone still battle, this HTML5 Gobang game absolute called HTML5 games in need.Key TechnologyUsing JavaScript to do...

HTML5 Gan pole square chess game

Application backgroundHTML5 Jiangxi extremely chess game has a variety of pieces mode: chess pieces, mode, mode of the flag pieces, animal models of pawn, custom pieces. Pawn is divided into 7 levels, the highest level of the strength of the pawn, the smallest strength of the pawn can control the ma...

Containment nervous cat

Application backgroundAs the containment nervous cat, learning createjs code...

Flash video player code.Zip

Application backgroundFlash video player code     you can add a play video on its own web site, and online video sites like....

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