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SSH login register based systems

This is one based on SSH login registry system framework, if the landing is successful, go to success.jsp, if it fails to jump to error.jsp. Mainly used Struts,Hibernate,spring's knowledge, this is a simple SSH based systems. Using javaBean and HTML knowledge....

Shop online bookstore

Based online textbook store mvc mode, be written by jsp.With JAVA + JSP + Struts2 + Hibernate done online store, do a more comprehensive, user module, commodity browsing ... cart module, order module, of course, management background, including administrators management, user management, order manag...

Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network

RECENT advances in micro processing, wireless and battery technology, and smart sensors have enhanced data processing , wireless communication, and detection capability. In sensor networks, each sensor node has limited wireless computational power to process and transfer the li...

Script access to the machine IP.e

Using script for native IP and physical address  ...

Hai Kang camera JS development

Application backgroundHaikang network camera JS two, development,Can guarantee the normal use, only IE browser, Firefox browser does not support...

Mobile APP development sample

Application is the development of a project for the mobile terminal Android sample, the use of eclipse development environment!...

Simple Spring framework

The Spring framework can easily be understood by beginners, can understand the essence of one of the three frameworks in a short time. Is the most fundamental part of Spring framework, it provides dependency injection (DependencyInjection) feature to implement management of Bean container. The basic...

Web drop down automatically

div id="wrapper"> <div id="button_container"></div> <div id="article"> <div id="ColumnContainer"></div> <a id="BackToTop" href="#">Scroll to Top</a> <div id="loadingPins"><img src="BouncingLoader.gif" alt="Pin Loader Image"/><span&...

busqueda de razonamiento

//Clase que almacena los datos del objeto  public class Objeto implements Comparable<Objeto>{  int peso;  int valor;  double ratio;    public Obj...


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