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2812 to read and write using spi or at25640 procedures FM25CL64 have the test. A

2812 to read and write using spi or at25640 procedures FM25CL64 have the test. Attention to the datasheet in the EEPROM are write only support spi mode 0 or 3, but I used the 0 model has been adjusted barrier before they can switch to spi mode, process is the use of one mode of spi....


State Grid Meter Reading set up the software, telecommunications agreement DLT645-2007, is currently the only network in a country setting netlist meter reading software...


C# Programming FTP client, socket programming, code notes in detail...


A simple IDL batch prepared by Modis geometric correction, you can select a folder of all the HDF data, geometric correction of the modis....

LEACH protocol

LEACH ns3 code it is detaild description of LEACH protocol . implemented using NS3 , network simulator...

android webrtc demo

Very good webrtc programming examples, very suitable for you novice in Android development. Now share it with everyone. I am also a novice. Specially for beginners an excellent resource...

patch ZRP ns2.33 implementation

implement the protocols ZRP in NS2.33 for VANETname file : ns-allinone-2.33_ZRP.tar.gz...

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