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OCR algorithm of BPN, learning c# Image should be necessary to deal with things,...

OCR algorithm of BPN, learning c# Image should be necessary to deal with things, I always handwritten, and now I have a finished product to the U.S., I hope everyone Value...

The Dynamic Assignment Problem,动态排班问题,使用到了各个智能算法...

The Dynamic Assignment Problem, dynamic scheduling problems, use of the various intelligent algorithm...


Hotel Management System, B/S structure, the realization of multiple functions. Reservations, catering and so on....


text editor functions replicable EDIT. The text editor features such as : insertion, deletion, modification, the cursor movement. Block operation are : Cut, copy, delete, such as glue. File operations : open, closed, preservation, etc. Save. The menu also features, the information and mouse operatio...

《小闹钟》 “无聊小程序,可定时提醒(声音&消息)”包含ini设置,系统托盘,directsound等技术。...

"small alarm clock," "boring small programs, regularly reminded (voice messages)" includes ini settings, system tray, Direct3D technologies....


Arcgis-based custom point query tools to maps of North America as an example. Maps for the installation of ArcGIS maps comes when the sample. Storage path ArcGIS DeveloperKit SamplesNET Server data NorthAmerica...

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