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Arduino ili9341 TFT driver

Microcontroller driven 320x240 ILI9341 TFT screen, Arduino-compatible detail code in the Arduino Nano/UNO/mini need to convert the IO level....

SSD1963 initialization

AVR Microcontroller driven ssd1963 controller initialization of TFT color LCD screen source code, which is written using Bascom-AVR language, comments in English, please all of you to translate. Derived from a foreign website, I can't remember clearly....

01 seven_order_lpf

Application background01 seven_order_LPF    printed circuite board  tutorial  including pcb and schematic diagram ...

FPGA to do the water lights

Application backgroundCycle point bright 8 l e d lamp, F p a G & nbsp; into the door of learning good example, to further learn Xi F G P a design thought and the design language of cooked & nbsp; practice makes use.Key TechnologyBased on x i l i n x & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; k i n t e x & reg; 7 - & nb...


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