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C# Programming FTP client, socket programming, code notes in detail...


Computer Examination System: cs mode. The use of C# Language. Including front and back-office in two parts. Including students, examinations, teacher grades, teachers view the test list, the list of absence, forced the end of examinations. Specific functions of the code, there are detailed instructi...


The use of C# Prepared smith circle diagram calculation software. Can calculate a variety of series-parallel double-side mode matching matching line length, and can be simulation of the spectrum curve....

datagridview print achieved with C# write, I feel good, I hope all of you some h...

datagridview print achieved with C# write, I feel good, I hope all of you some help!...

SQLite Explorer. C#写的Sqlite数据库界面,可以操作Sqlite数据文件。...

SQLite Explorer. C# to write the Sqlite database interface can operate Sqlite data files....

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