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Halcon based barcode recognition

The code without using the camera, but supports many types of barcode recognition, including inverted barcode, each portion of the code has the detailed annotation, recognition accuracy is OK, as long as the image is either too vague or too dark....

Halcon camera in the bar code automatic identification

This code is based on Halcon machine Visual software of barcode camera recognition code, here of camera is notebook computer since with of camera, because different brand of computer by using of camera may different, so in run code Qian, to first found himself computer camera of originally name, can...

QR code recognition based on Halcon

This code is a two-dimensional code recognition based on Halcon, as long as the images are either too vague or too dark are recognized, but not white red QR code recognition, the QR codes are very rare, of course. Source has detailed notes to explain each part of the parameters and usage....

Each big website practical WEB icon set nearly 1000

Application backgroundEach big website practical WEB icon set nearly 1000Each big website practical WEB icon collection of nearly 1000     icon web website design UI material sharing navigation icon 1000 icon interface ICOEach big website practical WEB icon collection of nearly 1000  ...

OpenCV routine summary

Based on OpenCV of use camera video collection program 1 based on OpenCV of two a camera data acquisition 3 can inspired you with code do video of impulse program 6 image reverse (is put black of variable white, white of variable black) 11 image format of conversion 12 from camera or AVI file in the...


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