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Matlab-related tutorials, which contains a lot of information very helpful for learning Matlab' s friends...

Non-stationary time-frequency Toolbox. version 2.0

This is based on non-steady signal matlab toolbox developed to collect the various treatment methods  currently popular non-steady signal, the current program many of the latest signal processing methods  are generally required to run this package is based, for example: non-ste...

one of the SVM SVM calculation routines, using MATLAB do, please enlighten

one of the SVM SVM calculation routines, using MATLAB do, please enlighten...

Fiber Bragg Grating matlab simulation algorithm and code

Fiber Bragg Grating matlab simulation algorithm and code...

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) validator standard test function.

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) verify the standard test procedures. A m files used to validate in the current literature is included in 7 standard test function (Ackley), three-dimensional dynamic display, features such as scatter when the particle concentration. Colleagues aimed at researchers P...

Fluent calculating erosion

FLUENT DPM model calculated examples of erosion. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support....

Digital image watermarking and extraction

% 1, you can start running MAIN.m watermark embedding and extraction. % 2, folder two pictures of the carrier image and watermark images. % 3, other custom functions called by the main program file, as follows: % Sdwt.m: Tree wavelet decomposition of the image according to the visual energy % Embed....

opnet satellite simulation

it is a basic opnet simulation code for beginners, there might be some problems with code,i hope it helps who is looking for simulation in satellite...

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