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Matlab-related tutorials, which contains a lot of information very helpful for learning Matlab' s friends...

opnet satellite simulation

it is a basic opnet simulation code for beginners, there might be some problems with code,i hope it helps who is looking for simulation in satellite...

Fluent calculating erosion

FLUENT DPM model calculated examples of erosion. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support....


ESPRIT algorithm MATLAB simulation program...

Fiber Bragg Grating matlab simulation algorithm and code

Fiber Bragg Grating matlab simulation algorithm and code...

SVM Toolbox Matlab code

Traditional standard SVM SVM Matlab code for the method used to categorize, you can run directly in MATLAB, specific operations see tutorial series, is governed mainly by support vector machines for classification of cases, needy students can download l...

检测从键盘输入字符。用到了fiugre的 currentcharacter 属性,figure还有一个 currentkey 属性。这两个属性都能检测键盘输入,...

Detection input from the keyboard characters. Use of the fiugre' s ' currentcharacter' property, figure there is a ' currentkey' property. These two properties can be detected keyboard input, but there are still no small difference, you can try....

MATLAB7.0 mixed programming, pdg format e

MATLAB7.0 mixed programming, pdg format e-books, from school libraries Chaoxing swing down, it is good, need to install Chaoxing 4.0 browser!...


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