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an existing signal : x (n) = a cos (* n/4) cos (2** n/3) design and digital filt...

an existing signal : x (n) = a cos (* n/4) cos (2** n/3) design and digital filter to achieve the following objectives : low-pass filter, filter cos (2** n/3) the ingredients that want to retain an element of a cos (* n/4) high-pass filter, a filter cos (* n/4) components, namely to retain the eleme...

known LTI system of a differential equation : y [n]

known LTI system of a differential equation : y [n]-1.143* y [n-1] 0.4128* y [n-2] x = 0.0675* 0.1349 [n]* x [n-1] 0.0675* x [n-2] initial conditions y (1) = 1, y (2) = 2, input x (n) = u (n), we calculate the zero input response...


Neural network with a combination of immune algorithm with matlab programming to achieve some small features...

percbn driver

percobaan l298, l297,Please do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for ...

Octave sound playing program based on Matlab

Based on Matlab, octave sound playing program consists of 9 sources, seven octaves, frequency modulation, a complete results...

histogram of oriented gradient using Matlab

It's a method of histogram of oriented gradient  by matlab....

Hash algorithms

Hash algorithm is a search algorithm, to fast search through huge amounts of data, return to close data...

Speech Toolkit

Application backgroundThe kit can be used in some speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech synthesis and speech recognition technology, some of the required function, I also used some, for some theoretical research, you can call directly in the MATLAB, the code is very good, spent a lot of ef...

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