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PIC driving a bipolar stepper motor

It is a sample for driving a bipolar stepper motor in PIC programming. I use PIC Basic Pro programming language....

Presicion Capacitance meter

this is a full project of C-meter using shows the number of C on charecter LCD.lanuage is Bascom(Basic).you should pay attention to program the file which blongs to EEPROM memory to circuit work properly.files include Sources,schematic,PCB.  ...

touch dimmer

size:9.0pt;font-family:"color:black;">这打开关闭触摸开关电路基于众所周知的计时器 IC 555 (IC1) 驱动器就像一个开关继电器。金属表面可以有何种的形式,我们想要的但它应该是干净,非常接近的电路。 触摸板 MP1 为了接触继电器...


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