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Pb9+SQL2000+ general development frameworks (databases)

Pb9+SQL2000+ general development frameworks (databases), which uses PB9.0 database to SQLSERVER2000, attached directly to use, tested by....

Inventory Management System using Powerbuilder 10.5

The inventory management system (IMS) is database software,it is developed using the PowerBuilder 10.5The feature of IMS as following:-1.       Handle Master Items data2.       More than one store3.       Handle the vendors &customers master data4. &n...

sql Professional

Oracle is very common DBA maintenance scripts, script for a DBA engineer's daily, eliminating information lookup. Very useful!...

PB9.0 do lottery software that can be used directly, have been compiled into EXE files.

PB9.0 drawing software, can directly use have been compiled into an EXE file. Database is a local repository, as if no dynamic libraries, PB90 dynamic libraries on the Internet....


SQL stored procedures: create or replace procedure job_proc is begin --Free tickets to modify modify ID Update O_2413 set 'where attr_24131004=' attr_24131004=' void sold '; --Single: modify modify ID Update O_2405 set 'where attr_24051004=' attr_24051004=' void sold '; Corporate voting--modi...

OCX para capturar imagem

The following program development progress, capturing images from a camera.Good evaluation....


Application backgroundSet esca off Set dele on  && Deleted record cannot be accessed. Do While .T.    stor 0 to i, maxI, nPause    stor 0 to nIdnum    stor 0 to newId    stor 0 to mOpt    stor spac(4) to cBacod   &nb...

The rough set in the studio encoding

Application backgroundRough set coding using R studio.  Rough set indiscernibility, positive area etc are calculated using the code.Key TechnologyR studio is a software which is freely available in the web.The source code can be easily implemented in the R-studio...

OTP reader

Application backgroundsoft to read or writing otp from winbond 25qxx .....with diagramme pcb!!!...

IDL astronomy package

Application backgroundIDL is very common and powerful, especially in astronomical data processing and mapping.Key TechnologyPowerful tool for astronomical data processing and mapping, is the preferred tool for many astronomers....


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