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Inventory Management System using Powerbuilder 10.5


sql Professional

Oracle is very common DBA maintenance scripts, script for a DBA engineer's daily, eliminating information lookup. Very useful!...


-免费票状态修改 需修改ID update O_2413 set attr_24131004='作废' where attr_24131004='已售'; --普通票状态修改 需修改ID update O_2405 set attr_24051004='作废' where attr_24051004='已售'; --团体票状态修改 需修改ID update O_2412 set attr_24121004='作废' where...

OCX para capturar imagem

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">下面的程序,从摄像头捕捉图像的开发进展。良好的评价。...


Application backgroundSet esca off Set dele on  && Deleted record cannot be accessed. Do While .T.    stor 0 to i, maxI, nPause    stor 0 to nIdnum    stor 0 to newId    stor 0 to mOpt    stor spac(4) to cBacod   &nb...

The rough set in the studio encoding

Application backgroundRough set coding using R studio.  Rough set indiscernibility, positive area etc are calculated using the code.Key TechnologyR studio is a software which is freely available in the web.The source code can be easily implemented in the R-studio...

OTP reader

Application backgroundsoft to read or writing otp from winbond 25qxx .....with diagramme pcb!!!...


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