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Halcon color recognition

Color classification case, shows how to use the classifier to achieve color recognition. The file contains a chromatogram images, demo program and SVM classifier file.Programs generally thought:1. Place the image into HSV space;2. The collection of sample points for each color, adding to the SVM cla...

Adaboost face detection process

Program code with opencv code based on Adaboost face detection. Adaboost for face detection with good classification results, including rectangular features, integral image, weak classifiers, strong classifier and a cascade classifier. opencv comes Adaboost code, easy to use, there are test images w...

IDL batch calculate Pearson correlation coefficient

In the area of grid computing, IDL language are based on matrix calculation of absolute advantage, and IDL provides a powerful mathematical and statistical analysis packages and the IMSL mathematical libraries, for example, functions to calculate the correlation coefficient, there: A_CORRELATE (corr...

IDL cloud detection algorithm

Systems using the cloud detection algorithm is integrated multi-spectral cloud method. The algorithm from the visible light reflectance, infrared light, and light temperature considering the temperature, gradually building up a cloud detection mask. For predicting the MODIS data have to be trained i...

Automatic registration of IDL images

Application backgroundOften in the actual production data will encounter, the same area of the image or adjacent areas have overlapping area of image. Due to the geometric correction error, the overlapping area of the same objects do not overlap, this situation of image fusion, mosaic, dynamic monit...

IDL image processing

Written by IDL realized mask synthesis, principal component analysis, band, tasseled Cap transformation, water index (ndwi), normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)....

OPENCV manual

Application backgroundPowerful OPENCV, the image has a very strong function. Learning good OPENCV for image processing is very helpful.Key TechnologyOPENCV have a detailed description of the new and old friends to learn OPENCV. Powerful....

Based on the wavelet transform Iteration denoising algorithm

demo_permutation - demonstrates the differences in "smoothness" between a column stacked version of an image and the result of reordering it using patched-based permutations. We compare the smoothness of the two obtained 1D signals using a moving plot. We also demonstrate how the path...

IDL image median filtering and mean filtering and image generating gif animation

Using the IDL language the median and mean filtering remote sensing image, first read the image, after the 3*3 of image median filtering and mean filtering. Also generates the images gif animation...

Geometric correction of HDF MODIS file by IDL

Application backgroundRemote sensing imaging, due to the attitude of the spacecraft, height, speed and the rotation of the earth, factors of influence, resulting in images with respect to ground target geometric distortion and the distortion performance for pixel with respect to the actual location...


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