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Glcd with LPC1788

this code show that how to run GLCD with LPC1788 & SRAM (K4S561632C_32M_16BIT)...

LPC1114 routines source code

Application examples for lpc1114 pins to increase his understanding. Including SD card, I2C communication, serial UART,WAPUP deep power-down modes, Chinese font production, ADC temperature measurement in the picture that is displayed in the W25X16, in the FatFs eBook program, clock configuration and...

Timer settings

After the program starts, first press the key to enter the starting time themselves, and then press any key to start the clock starts working. When you want to adjust the time when the first press any key to enter the interrupt, clock stopped working. Then follow the order: hours, minutes, seconds f...


Application background'program shows a bar dispay peak-hold VU meter on a LCD This 2 * 16Key TechnologyIs elements 32 for a dB 32 range based on the internal Resolution 8 bit'converter. A/D'scale range is -26dB +5dB - for The 0.125 to 5 DC input. Volt'display will be updated every 50mS on Timer0 int...


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