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jquery Version Small Wedding(blessings can be added dynamically)

jquery Version Wedding(blessings can be added dynamically)scene I:there are two functions: control the left image and let the text display gradually on the rightscene II: Characters show up on the left, followed by the text scene III:Image displays in bounce, using "for  "loop to...

Large Distributed Website Architecture Design and Practice(Charpter II only in Chinese)

This book is written in Chinese by Chen Kangxian. Only Chapter II "Distributed System Infrastructure"is provided here.The book here is provided in PDF by scanning ...

PLC routine collection

Application backgroundProgrammable logic controller, it uses a kind of programmable memory, used in its internal storage procedures, the implementation of the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user oriented instruction, and through digital or analo...

rl_arm referenced document

al-arm referenced document, Help to quickly find information, quick start, are of great help for developers, hope everybody can like, welcome to download...

pwm generator with avr micro

this project written by codvisionavr and proteusthis project produce the pwm....


Common controller chip used in many alphanumeric LCD module is the HD44780. The purpose of the controller  is to generate pixel patterns and drive individual pixels of the LCD to show characters and symbols. In this  method the main microcontroller running your application code...

Serial port monitoring software

Serial port monitor software is a free multifunction serial port monitoring software, it can be displayed in various ways, receiving, analyzing communications data can send data in various flexible ways; convenient data editing functions. Powerful, simple, serial communication, monitoring, equipment...


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