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Spinner example

size:14px;">将在许多 android 项目中使用的这个微调框示例。这个应用程序将帮助更多。请下载它对你有帮助, ,您可以发送给我的宝贵反馈...


Broad Cast Receiver application describe how we can broad cast our message.This application shows the relationship between custom intent and action. Inside this application i describe the how we can declare dynamically Broad Cast Receiver in androidmanifest.xml file. ...

Advanced Splash Screen For Application

为 Android 应用先进的飞溅屏幕和此源代码帮助你当你想要整合为一个更好的应用程序内任何闪屏和标准外观的用户界面,你可以轻松地集成任何的 android 应用程序内。...

Android Advanced Control

Android Advanced Control are basically related to all the advanced control including your list view and also spinner and list choices of lists....

Android xml parsing

Android XML Parsing is an alternative approach for accessing the xml data from the given url and display all the field of your url....

Service Activity

Service Activity application is describe the start service and stop service method of android including your bind service method and how service run infinity times in background....

Asyn task Application

Asyntask Application is an android application which basically related with asyntask and it's method like pre post and background method of the asyntask. ...

Shared Preference

Shared preference application is basically related with the data base of android mean that when we want to store small data base in our application we can use it....

activity service

activity service application related with the bind service and start service and also stop service application of android and service run infinity time of background....

Android Implicit Intent

Android Implicit Intent is an intent based application which describe the how it's functionality work on the click of the button and how we parse the url and go to web....


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