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Leave management system

Application backgroundLeave Management System is designed for Leaves appliied by staff members in their working organizations.This is designed based upon the manual system of leave applied by the employees.after applying leave automatically it generates the leave and shows the remaining leaves left...

CBSE hotel management system

Application backgrounda good small software for class 12 cbse project with everything you needKey Technology a code using java and net beans and suitable for class12 cbse. Hotel Management System Project in Java, Netbeans and MySQL This is a part of Hotel Management System Project. This pr...

Flappy Bird game source code

The Flappy Bird classic game source code, code more powerful. This is a simple and difficult game, a game in which the player must control a plump bird, cross consists of various pipes with different lengths of barriers. Easy, but clearance is not simple. Flappy bird in Apple App Store launch in May...


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