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HGE graphics engine example for PureBasic 4.X

space:nowrap;">它不是用 HGE PureBasic 引擎工作的很好的例子。 HGE 的强大和令人愉快的 2D 引擎。...

Windows_7 set up FTP server

In Windows_7 describes how to set up FTP server so that folder as the Ftp space to store and access files....

Create DialogBox from template into memory

space:nowrap;">DialogBoxIndirectParam_ very-very simple example....

Micrologix 1100 communcation via ethernet

size: 18.0180187225342px;">Allen braley两种通信通过以太网MICROLOGIX1100有两个CPU传递信息来源,通过以太网...

Section properties calculator in excel

This excel sheet calculate section properties of rectangular sections such as cross area section , center of geometry, moment inertia in both direction x,y...

Directory Copy With Pause/Resume And ProgressBar

space:normal;">翻译 maninwest@Codeforge 作者 :MikesRuthlessYa@CodeProject这只是个具有暂停/继续按钮和进度条的目录复制程序。它很有用,因为展示了如何使用 backgroundworker 为 progressbar 增量以及如何制作简单的暂停/继续按钮,不论是...

Automate PNG and JPG Image Optimization

height:1.5;">Jpegtran –  Windows 和 Linux 和 Mac 版 Jpegoptim –仅有 Linux 版 PNG 推荐OptPNG PNGOUT 使用代码我写了 个 Windows 批处理文件,可以递归地搜索给定文件夹并优化 JPEG 和 PNG 文件1下载 jpegtran, OptPNG 和 PNGOUT 可执行文件. 2在...

WPF 3D Tab Carousel

1) tabToIndex = tabs.Count - 1; } // Unhook from visual tree if required because // a Visual cannot have to parents foreach (Tab owner in (from tab in tabs where tab.Element == elements[instruction.To] || tab.Element == elements[instruction.From] select tab))...

Circuit Analysis Tutorial

size:16px;">本教程提供的集成组件的动手简介Spice 电路分析。...


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