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HGE graphics engine example for PureBasic 4.X

It's not a great example of the work with the engine HGE of PureBasic. HGE powerful and enjoyable 2D engine....

Windows_7 set up FTP server

In Windows_7 describes how to set up FTP server so that folder as the Ftp space to store and access files....

Create DialogBox from template into memory

Read data from DataSection, create DialogBoxIndirectParam_ very-very simple example....

WPF 3D Tab Carousel

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Fredrik Bornander@CodeProject This article discusses how to create a 3D tab control for WPF. It will go through 3D rotation and camera calculations as well as show how to maintain a large set of controls in a smaller set of UI visualisers. Although a fair po...

Micrologix 1100 communcation via ethernet

two micrologix 1100 of Allen braley communication via ethernetthere are two CPU transfer infomation via ethernet...

Section properties calculator in excel

This excel sheet calculate section properties of rectangular sections such as cross area section , center of geometry, moment inertia in both direction x,y...

Directory Copy With Pause/Resume And ProgressBar

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:MikesRuthlessYa@CodeProjectThis is just a directory copier with a pause/resume button and a progressbar. It is useful because it shows how to use backgroundworker to increment a progressbar and shows how to make a simple pause/resume button whether using the...

Automate PNG and JPG Image Optimization

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Tharaka MTR@CodeProjectIf you are a web developer, you already know how important it is to reduce the image size by compressing the image. When you are checking the page speed using the tool like “G oogle PageSpeed Insight” or “Yahoo YSlow”, you can s...

Circuit Analysis Tutorial

This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to the integrated components ofthe Spice circuit analysis....


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