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Verix V SDK 版本 3.8.9 释放。 家庭支持联络网的可以发现在 学习菜单下的 DevNet。 发展信息网发布 zip 包含 2 的 zip 文件 ︰ ︰ 这个.zip 包含所有组件使用 RVDS4.0 Verix V 和 Verix eVo 平台终端上的发展。 This.zi...


MainOfUSln.m这是你的解决方案的主脚本,也是执行整个程序的入口,从改脚本开始运行论文的算法被看做一个优化问题,模型如下:min TargetOptFcn(r) rsub to.0<= r < =1;由于论文里要求r是0或1,遗传算法解决0...



Mean-variance Adaptive image enhanced source code

C code combined with OpenCV to achieve the image enhancement, to achieve smooth areas more smooth, edges and details of the region more clearly the effect. Project with YUV420 input, the output for the YUV420 format, can also be used for the treatment of single image. Using mean square error as a me...

Hotel Management System


Sound ray tracking method

Ray-tracing method, found on the Web, better, using the MATLAB programming. Ray tracing is completed, reached a very good visual effect...

Buzzer routines

Stepping Motor's main advantage is that they do not need feedback devices compared with other motion control system, they are cheap;Excellent torque and very stable. Lots of step motor applications thanks to STM32F10xxx the power consumption of the device,And flexibility. Includes robot controllers,...

Image Segmentation

size:16px;">The code contains DIP image segmentation using JSEG method. Images are segmented using JSEG with Color Quantization, Image grow region grow methods are applied....

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