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G.722 speech coding examples of analytic description language VC!...

S transform based on short-term power quality disturbance detection method

This procedure is based on the S transform short-term power quality disturbance detection method implemented for the analysis of voltage sags amplitude, phase transitions, duration and harmonic content for analysis...

Shake recording pens

This is a sensor by shaking recording applet. It is suitable for beginners, already on my phone via debugging. Has been successful. We just want to contact the Android development benefits....

Music and video player

The playback functions of the devices play MP3, AVI. Playback modes single cycle, sequential playback, random play function, you can pause, fast playback and slow playback, previous track, next track, play full screen function. Minimize to tray feature. A history play, also you can save files to the...

The mall evacuation process simulation

The mall evacuation process simulation, analysis of operating characteristics of people in evacuation...


Zhengzhou public security traffic geographic information system, very comprehensive, very beautiful interface....

GPSR 6.0

GPSR 6.0   December 5, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (2007): Mario Figueiredo, Robert Nowak, Stephen Wright GPSR is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2.0. Permission to use, copy, modif...



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