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server2000 hotel management system written in all the source code.

server2000写的酒店管理系统的所有源码。-From his past works, use delphi to add sql-server2000 hotel management system written in all the source code....

Prospects: background: sql server a function of sound source BBS system...

Prospects: background: sql server a function of sound source BBS system....

Image Erosion and Dilation

hand side of the sample application’s user interface users can adjust the provided controls in order to modify the method of filtering being implemented.The three CheckBoxes labelled Red, Green and Blue relate to whether the relevant colour component will be regarded or not when implementing the c...

Protein PDB file read function

Document file_io.m, containing four functions (1) read_pdbca: read protein c-Alpha Atom coordinates; Enter the parameter file to a file name string, output parameters for each Atomic coordinate value of x, the format is a two-dimensional array of 3*n. (2) read_pdbbb: read the prote...


top:0.66667em;margin-bottom:0.66667em;padding:0px;border:0px;outline:0px;vertical-align:baseline;color:#333333;font-family:'Lucida Grande', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;line-height:20.000041961669922px;white-space:normal;background:#FFFFFF;"> have lots of useful functions for u to use. This system...

Student management system

Application backgroundFunction profileCan be from the administrator or user login password is unlimitedOrdinary user functions are as follows: classes, student achievement query query, help, exit the systemAdministrator functions as follows: classes query, query student achievement, student achievem...


the system for asset management systems, three user competence, Administrators of the management and staff of the assets sold, the finance staff of the valuation of assets and distribution of assets; maintenance staff was to the safeguarding of assets and to preserve the management...

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