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RSA encryption realize, I hope to be helpful to everyone to study the algorithm...

RSA encryption realize, I hope to be helpful to everyone to study the algorithm is a very painful thing, a lot of U.S. efforts...

Cryptography to learn C language library

Cryptography to learn C language library- Miracl library. Very helpful for learning cryptography...


Full-featured encryption library, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, one-way encryption, to wait, the latest version...

JSteg information hiding software under VC environment source code

Were originally under the Linux version has been modified to compile under VS2008. There are two projects, CJpeg (hidden) and DJpeg (extract). E:JStegcjpeg directory 2014/04/09 16:13.2014/04/09 16:13 ...2014/03/19 12:39 3,905 bitsourc.c1997/06/01 20:44 131 bitsourc.h2014/04/02 11:03 863,232

Data encryption algorithm of Java platform implementation

In the Java platform based on JCE, achieving MD5SHA calculation of message digests, digital signatures based on DSA, DES encryption algorithm, AES encryption algorithm, and MAC algorithm, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, digital certificates, and so on....

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