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Image processing

This is my own digital image processing software based on MFC, video-smoothing filter, edge detection, background separation, video on character recognition system. For students to learn video processing are of great help....

Instrument simulation code

From the network, fully open source code to simulate some instrument programming interface, very nice and perfect, you can reference...




用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件...

Mfc Picture Thumbnail

space:nowrap;">humbnail based on cximage and the clistctrl of mfc....

VC all sorts of buttons

VC6 resource development environment offers a wide variety of buttons that can provide developers with ideas! Reduce development time...

Lock code of a task manager, wanted to shut down restart computer

This code locking Task Manager, wanted to shut down restart computer, messing around with your friends, or harassing you...

face match

Face matching procedure used to extract all of the face in the big scenes, feature extraction, and find out whether there is objective character inside....

The first example Fanhua tutorial

Sinusoidal signal simulators labwindows open wave (512,2.0,0.0,1.0) produced according to acquire clear images Clear quit quit...

Ross block


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