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Tic Tac Toe game

It's a simple android game developed at initial level of android game development, user's can fun with this game and developers can learn how to do game at starting level....

Basic jump code

This is a realization of the source code of the page, is to impersonate a user login, and then jump to the other side, is the jump code for Android beginners basic master, wants to help you....

Extensible sliding menu

This demo is written in a fragment can be customized according to individual needs to be extended, case notes detailed, clear code, any component is the override...

Custom input

Uses a flying Speech SDK, this is an included text mixed arrangement, faces an application of package configurations. Includes expression processing, layout, and speech information processing. Expression package first to sort the expressions page, then arranged using ViewPage, added a delete picture...

Bluetooth debugging software

For debugging BLE Bluetooth module APP Android, only apply to BLE Bluetooth 4 or more, Android 4.3 system above the phone...


Work more than doing the play, in someone else's source code were modified with some skills: for example, credential skills and attacks. Next plan to join the time limit invincible skills...

Animation effect show

A simple animation effect show, as a reference for novice...

Android-like QQ zone title bar gradient

Research today is ScrollView-to scroll the view scroll horizontal scroll view (HorizontalScrollView) and vertical scroll view (ScrollView), today the main vertical. Believe that we often use in the development, ScrollView function is very powerful, but still can't meet our hole wide open UI designer...

Similar QQ Mo Mo even though communication source

Similar QQ Mo Mo of even communications source, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, non-to forced I 50 word, Not going to make me 50 wo...

Application of magnetic sensor

Mainly through the handset magnetic sensor a small simple Android application works, the code concise and easy to understand, very studious, very funny in a small Dome. Welcome to download, very pleased to share with you....


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