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relay control with sim900

This project can send and receive sms, it can also used to control 4 devices. The received message is displayed over the lcd display. Features Control control 3 devices Can receive sms and scroll it over the lcd display. 16×2 LCD Atmeg...

Huawei latest SMS API (Integrated Gateway), support CMPP2.0, CMPP3.0, WWW, SGIP,...

Huawei latest SMS API (Integrated Gateway), support CMPP2.0, CMPP3.0, WWW, SGIP, searched, SMPP. With the development of detailed interface documentation, demo. Strongly recommended!...


 Describe: code C module SIM900 File list(Click to check if it's the file you need, and recomment it at the bottom):    GSM_Shield   ..........\examples   ..........\........\GSM_Shield_Call   ..........\........\..................

Smslib messaging libraries version 3.5

Smslib message development libraries v3.5.3 version, added WISMOQCDMA support. Using this open source development kit, we can easily through the serial communication devices (mobile or GSM,CDMA cats) send SMS functionality into our software....

SMS Gateway using Android Phone

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author: twit88@Codeproject Introduction With Internet and the variety of mobile messaging app available, nowadays people can communicate through many channels, be it through email, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and many others...


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