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space:nowrap;">An up to date book on Ruby programming, written in a style described as "a beautiful display of pragmatically chunky bacon,  wrapped in a nutshell." Or something like that. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book covers the Ruby language from the very basics of using put...

ruby DBI access Oracle databases through examples

space:normal;">Ruby执行Oracle的存储过程的例子3、proc_dbi_cursor.rb Ruby执行Oracle返回数据的例子,这个例子在网上很难找到解决方案4、proc_ocii.rb Ruby通过Oci访问Oracle5、query_dbi.rb Ruby插入数据到Oracle6、query_dbi_param.rb Ruby执行Oracle的...


tyurtyururtu truyurtuyytr tyutrutryjgfhmfghuj hyjyujftghnfufjmf myutmynghfnujryngfhjCVRNOIEFeworuqwiovtrqwoiehf oiwvjtwer ifowubvfqowurvw\' ;;wcnweroiwrw owncufoiwmt bw4yqvntqerytqernf dagsvtq nrj SHFJKADSFSDFGDFGDSFGDSFGDSFKGJEDSILIVNETRUO...

ruby on rails redmine_xls_export

size:16px;"> ruby on Rails  实现export 导出功能……支持第三方微软office excel 2007以上版本……………………...

Topaz Social

size:14px;">轻量级的社会化客户管理系统,集成了Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn等社交媒体网站的接口,可以实现CRM系统与主流的社交媒体平台的对接。代码结构良好,所用到的技术 Ruby 1.9.2/1.9.3, Rails 3.2, Mongoid, Devise, Twitter Bootstrap,适合开...

Rails ruby

size:16px;">Rails 是一个 web 应用程序框架,包括创建根据模型-视图-控制器 (MVC) 模式的数据库支持的 web 应用程序所需的一切。了解 MVC 模式是理解 Rails 的关键。MVC 划分应用程序分为三层,每个都有特定的责任。在模型层代表您的...

app on rails

my homework for the course Ruby Language . It is an application of a depot following the guides Agile Web Development with Rails.pdf....

Learning Ruby source, on rails ruby, to help beginners learn

Application backgroundLearning Ruby a good helper, including on rails ruby, etc., are interested to see, help beginners to learn...

Ruby login Sina Weibo

family:Arial;font-size:10px;">看了网上有用 Python 登录的,不过有点过时了,现在加密算法也变了,所以就想自己写一个登录程序。然后把 ruby 也移植到我的 Linux 开发板上,然后就可以定时登录....... ,原来一直想用 PHP 实现,可以PH...


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