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app on rails

my homework for the course Ruby Language . It is an application of a depot following the guides Agile Web Development with Rails.pdf....

Ruby login Sina Weibo

Application backgroundSee the online useful Python login, but a bit outdated, and now the encryption algorithm has changed, so I want to write a login program. Then the ruby also ported to the Linux development board, can then be timed login... & nbsp; had been thinking about using PHP can PHP opera...

Inductive integrated forecasting

Application backgroundConformal prediction uses past experience to determine precise levels of confidence in new predictions. Given an error probability e, together with a method that makes a prediction ˆ y of a label y, it produces a set of labels, typically containing ˆ y, that also contains y...

FPGA serial spontaneous self closing

Application backgroundVerilog  FPGA;Serial spontaneous receive data  The baud rate is 9600...


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