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Indoor Map for iBeacon

size:16px;">This app for iOS is to get indoor location using iBeacons. You can get your location using your iPhone or iPad indoor. It works with iBeacons using bluetooth. In my case, I use 4 iBeacons to do the indoor location. You can put the iBeacons on the wall and get the layout of the room. Then...

OpenCV contour extraction

A picture is then loaded by cvimageload cvcrtcolor first graying cv canny then finally found the final contour by cvfingcontours function to draw the outline by draw...

Smart Home WiFi


Using OpenCV implementation based on color histogram matching images and shapes

size:16px;">想做一些图像匹配,所以最近学习使用openCV,并做了一些试验。利用 OpenCV 实现了根据颜色直方图和形状进行图像匹配的功能,能够对摄像头的实时图像和本地照片进行匹配。Demo仅能在真机中测试,因为需要用到摄像头...

TCP/UDP Socket debug tools

TCP/UDP Socket debug tools provide TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client, UDP Group Five Socket debug the program....

stm8 bootloader, IAP program via uart program data into eeprom

stm8 bootloader,stm8 bootloader, IAP program via uart program data into eeprom...

IPhone and iPad iOS video editing source code

Apple iOS classic source, WWCD2013, official API integration provides video editing functions, including trim, compose, watermark, export function...

Iflytek speech recognition IOS source code

IFlyTek use interface provided by the service implementation of voice recognition, Chinese support is good, but still need to be improved at the time of other languages...

Custom camera

Personal writing AVFoundation camera, automatic, manual focus, flash light switch Dim gexianyin very good extension class explicitly....

IOS using openAL ffmpeg PCM audio stream player

(void)initOpenAL;- (void)openAudioFromQueue:(unsigned char*)data dataSize:(UInt32)dataSize;即可进行音频流的播放!...


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