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IPhone and iPad iOS video editing source code

Apple iOS classic source, WWCD2013, official API integration provides video editing functions, including trim, compose, watermark, export function...

Iflytek speech recognition IOS source code

IFlyTek use interface provided by the service implementation of voice recognition, Chinese support is good, but still need to be improved at the time of other languages...

IOS+7+iPhone+iPad application development technology details

0;">目 录 前言 1.2.3 框架和代码的关系 / 22 1.3 基于非苹果机平台搭建开发 环境 / 23 1.3.1 前期准备 / 23 1.3.2 创建用于安装 Mac OS X 的 VMWare 虚拟机 / 24 1.3.3 安装 Mac OS X /...

Realization of iOS sudoko

size:14px;">iOS 九宫格的实现,可以添加新项目,自动添加在最后一个,可以跨屏移动。...


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