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Alarm clock

Modify the basic realization alarm timer switches to time there are tips for beginners to see, the code is still relatively basic, need to change, please include...

Network request code

L through a simple interface, you can complete the server to submit data and data from the server to get the jobL download data, can be stored in memory or stored directly to the diskL can upload the local file to the serverL can facilitate access and operation requests and return Http header inform...

Face Detection

Its a small IOS application that detect face in image. It using Quartz Graphics framework for image detection. It also detect eyes and complete face....

Image Transition

Demonstrates how to use Core Image's built-in transition filters and Core Animation's built-in transition types to transition between images.  This sample accompanies the Core Image Programming Guide, using "Core Image Filters" section....

Multipoint communication demo

iOS 7 multipeer connectivity framework; A simple iOS app that illustrates the basics of the Multipeer Connectivity framework....

User interface features

Make the transition from the user interface to the interface functions. Demo processes are: 1, the transition from the Splash screen to the boot screen; 2 place 5 pictures, boot screen, 5 pictures to introduce the application of functional and practical points; 3, user can slide the picture...

Working with database

This is an"online shop " app made for iOS. Simple example how to make easy SQL queries(insert, select) at iOS....

Music animation effect

Modified from the snow code converted to background music, you can play music as background! Can also be defined as the effect you want, you can replace the background image or pretty pictures, will give you a surprise haha...


Uses this iOS sound code, may in the iOS project the relaxed integrated date interface, reduces the calendar interface the related development work load...


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