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SINA's microblog

SINA weibo clients, OAuth2.0, refer to github. To get new app key and app secret to normal use.Editor Note: this code is @_NSLog_ student graduation....

Multipoint communication demo

iOS 7 multipeer connectivity framework; A simple iOS app that illustrates the basics of the Multipeer Connectivity framework....

AVCam Modified Code

AVCam for iOS DESCRIPTION:AVCam demonstrates usage of AV Foundation capture API for recording movies, taking still images, and switching cameras. It runs only on an actual device, either an iPad or iPhone, and cannot be run in the simulator.BUILD REQUIREMENTS:Xcode 5.0 or later, iOS SDK 7.0 or...

Nationwide real-time weather forecasting software that runs iPhone source code

Written by, you can view the cities nationwide real-time weather, no developers account please Baidu, tested and run perfectly. Xcode4.6.3+IOS6.1.2....

CoreData Persistence Framework

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Jozef Bozek@CodeProjectCoreData Persistence library has has been implemented for simplifying and to make it easier to work with the Core Data Framework and represents a light object wrapper. The project is inspired by the kbucek Persistence API framework buil...

iphone coco2d

iphone coco2d,iphone platform coco2s use guide...

Achieving animation fragmentation effect

Achieving animation crushing effect, broken blocks can be specified. Objc implementation....

My First Application for iOS

My first try of codes for Objective-C. Quite simple and basic. Using Xcode 5.1. Just good programming language for new beginner like me. Thanks...

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