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SQL to establish a database of three tables elective students, including students table, curriculum, student Course Selection Form...

在myeclipse下JDBC连接sqlserver2000的的驱动架包,使用直接把里面的.jar 拷贝到classes下的lib里...

JDBC connection in SQL Server 2000 under myeclipse of the driver frame packet, the use of directly to the inside. Jar are copied to the classes under lib ri...

MySQL是一个小型关系型数据库管理系统,开发者为瑞典MySQL AB公司。在2008年1月16号被Sun公司收购。目前MySQL被广泛地应用在Internet...

MySQL is a small relational database management system, development of the Swedish company MySQL AB. In January 16, 2008 acquired by Sun. MySQL is currently being widely used in Internet, small and medium-sized site. Because of its small size, speed and low total cost of ownership, in particular the...

万博企业网站管理系统 管理登录:/system/adminlogin.asp 管理帐号:admin 密  码:admin888...

Weber enterprise website management system management log:/system/adminlogin.asp Management Account: admin Password: admin888 site data:/Database/NwebCn_Site.mdb (conventional content of the database)/Database/Bak_NwebCn_Site.mdb (backup the contents of the database)/Database/NwebCn_Stat . mdb (conv...

Apriori algorithm for frequent itemsets and association rules

Build 6 tables: 1) shopping list Trade_List(Trade_ID,Product) 2) frequently a set AprioriSet1(Set1,supportcount) 3) frequent two sets AprioriSet2(Set1andSet2,supportcount) 4) three sets of candidates APRIORIC3(Set1,Set2,set3andsupportcount , C_ID ) 5) 频繁三...


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