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MySQL是一个小型关系型数据库管理系统,开发者为瑞典MySQL AB公司。在2008年1月16号被Sun公司收购。目前MySQL被广泛地应用在Internet...

MySQL is a small relational database management system, development of the Swedish company MySQL AB. In January 16, 2008 acquired by Sun. MySQL is currently being widely used in Internet, small and medium-sized site. Because of its small size, speed and low total cost of ownership, in particular the...

Apriori algorithm for frequent itemsets and association rules

Build 6 tables: 1) shopping list Trade_List(Trade_ID,Product) 2) frequently a set AprioriSet1(Set1,supportcount) 3) frequent two sets AprioriSet2(Set1andSet2,supportcount) 4) three sets of candidates APRIORIC3(Set1,Set2,set3andsupportcount , C_ID ) 5) 频繁三...


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