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used to wince database synchronization with the PC machine, you can drive with p...

used to wince database synchronization with the PC machine, you can drive with pc sync database update...


College English Learning System, SQL environment for software engineering, database design courses, which have the detailed design documentation, source code, database files, use the method...



SQLserver2003的java数据库驱动内含三个(msbase.jar mssqlserver.jar msutil.jar) 希望对大家有所作用...

The java database-driven SQLserver2003 containing three (msbase.jar mssqlserver.jar msutil.jar) the role of hope all of you...

S7-200 frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system

PLC+变频器的一拖四恒压供水控制系统应用摘  要:本文介绍了变频器在某生活小区双恒压供水系统中的应用情况。1.引言本文是针对某生活小区实际情况,结合用户生活/消防双恒压供水控制的要求,我们进行改造的一些心...

Simple Credit Management Database Design

A simple credit management database system for teachers manage student credits, such as adding, modifying students all subjects, easy to manage credit without having to modify each lesson again and performance information...

Health club

Application backgroundAccording to the analysis of the problems existing in the fitness center membership management, the member information management system can be said to be a comprehensive fitness center membership management system, which it integrated management system, member management, memb...

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