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ArchivosdeDatos en SQL

----crear archivos .mdf .ldf y .ndf create database chukar on primary( name='chukar_data', filename='E:\sql\chukar_data.mdf', size=4mb, maxsize=10mb,  filegrowth=1 ), filegroup chukar_01 (name='chukar_01', filename='E:\sql\chukar_data.ndf', size=1, maxsize=10mb, ...

Add table through procedure

Create table through procedure using DBMS_SQL packageAn example to create table dynamically using procedures.Not recommended generally but good to know in a pinch...


Sql, o MYSQL?? En que les gusta programar mas? en el interprete o en MYSQL, para mi es mas facil mysql pero a su consideracion? cual les gusta mas =), y si pueden pasen tutoriales para inserciones de cadenas....

Sql date add operations

During development, met with one of the data rows of a table, query columns, this is a dynamic way to query. Always easy to forget that novice up to see! These commands when you remember the, ...

The SQL programmer Golden

SQL for programmers classic SQL for programmers jindian programmer gold SQL for SQL classic programmers code the SQL programmer Kim SQL for programmers code the SQL programmer gold code Golden...

SQL Database table file

This project is developed using SQL. It is designed for storing data that is sent from the website called zoneict..It has about 50 tables that are interrelated for one another. So if you want to know how to create table using SQL it will hep you so much. Good luck...

Conversion of number system

The source code is Binary, octal, decimal conversions ....

EX1 practice

Application backgroundRelational DatabasesDesign the following two tables and turn in your submissions in an HTML file named BookPublisher.html.BOOK:Primary AuthorTitleISBNPublisherIDEditionDate of PublicationPriceBook DescriptionPUBLISHER:PublisherIDNameAddressKey TechnologyRelational Database...

The educational administration management system management system

Application backgroundAcess production of educational management system, including student information management and teacher information management, good tutorial examples of educational management Very system Access, database to, achieve ~...


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