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Android Finding nearby friends based on the latitude and longitude

Android based on the latitude and longitude of nearby friends, clarity of the code, comment, suitable for beginners to learn,  use and import tool can run display...

Magnifying glass effect on Android in the picture (magnifying glass)

Magnifying glass effect on Android in the picture (magnifying glass), the code is clear, there are notes,  more suitable for beginners to learn, use and import tool can be used directly, learning...

Paper Alumni management system design and realization based on Android

Is an Android-based Alumni management system design and implementation of paper very good paper has a good function in it...

Many styles with the shoes of red bottom

I received.motivation to come from experience taking place shoes footwear shoes with red bottoms,of lethallooking heels of him or her.The shoes of red bottom,he is the only high heel shoes via razorsharp entering for shoes of extensive wooden flooring.Red only helped to bring high heel shoes...

matlab gui simpe for beginer

gui simple for matlab fdrtyu ggggggggggg sdwe fgdfgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yggggggggggggg wwwwwwwwwwwwggggggggggggggggggggggg...

ASPX backend framework source code (three-tier architecture)

1, site category management: adding categories; category lists; add a little class; a class listArticle 2, information management: add articles; articles list3, pictures, information management: Add a picture; picture list4, customer information management: adding users users list considerations1, t...


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