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Shaofeng Feng incident on send to send the

Ve got sent to send to send to send to send everything everything everything everything everything everything ve ve ve...

alarm system detector

alarm system detector-- Alarm System Prject-- This Project is a Design of a detector circuit to monitor a set of 8 SPST switches (S0-S7) in an alarm system.-- The switches are scanned one at a time by a multiplexer to determine if any switch has been opened (resulting in-- a logic HIGH for the open...

Key code access

Easy language source code! A simple and easy language, with keys and key code display, only for the novice to learn....

ABAP selection screen

This source code explained the application of several important screen selection controls: SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK b1 WITH FRAME TITLE text-001.“select screen BLOCK write PARAMETERS: p_lgnum  type /scwm/ordim_...

Rotating motor at Arduino and motor with ultra-low speed

Application background If You connect L6234 INputs directly to Arduino and OUTputs to low impedance motor – current from Arduino pins will be driven directly through L6234 to the windings and to the ground (without external Vs power applied to L6234). This makes very good chance to burn Y...


Application background slEHDRHRF 람 노곰 ㄴㄱ ㅁㄴ ㅁㅇㄴ ㅁㅇㄴ ㅁㅇㄴ ㅁㄴㅇ ㅁ ㅁ ㅁㄴㅇ ㅁㄴㅇ ㅁㄴㅇㅁ ㅇㅁㄴ ㅁㅇㄴ ㅁㄴㄹ ㄴㅁ ㅎ ㅎㅁ...

Specify rotor type: convex or circular (cylindrical). This choice will affect the number of rotor circuits in the q axis

Application backgroundhe total three-phase apparent power Pn (VA), rms line-to-line voltage Vn (V), frequency fn (Hz), and field current ifn (A). The nominal field current is the current that produces nominal terminal voltage under no-load conditions. This model was developed with all...

Studio solution file

Application background // TEXTINCLUDE // 1 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN     "resource.h\0" END 2 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN     "#include ""afxres.h""\r\n"     "\0" END 3 TEXTINCLUDE BEGIN     "#define _AFX_NO_SPLITTER_RESOURCE...


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