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Android Finding nearby friends based on the latitude and longitude

space:nowrap;">Android based on the latitude and longitude of nearby friends, clarity of the code, comment, suitable for beginners to learn,  use and import tool can run display...

Magnifying glass effect on Android in the picture (magnifying glass)


About the boson netsim configuration experiments

This is to network with boson NetSim Simulator engineering experiment, experiment on netting, dividing VLAN, router configuration, as well as access control, network engineering student code suitable for the beginner, for those familiar with networking, familiar with router and switch configuration,...

calendar and clock widget

space:nowrap;">大神制作的绚丽日历控件和时钟控件,非常酷的特效,很使用,代码清晰明了,有注释,适合初学者学习,使用,导入工具 可直接运行显示。...

Paper Alumni management system design and realization based on Android

size:16px;">是一份基于Android的同学录管理系统的设计与实现的论文 很不错的一篇论文 有好多功能在里面...

Save break KTK3

Application backgroundA exe   for; I wanna kill the kamilia3 you can use it break the all all and stage secret It's...

Many styles with the shoes of red bottom

louboutin-highness-160-patent-pumps-black-20121212725-best.html"> I received.motivation to come from experience taking place shoes footwear shoes with red bottoms,of lethallooking heels of him or her.The shoes of red bottom,he is the only high heel shoes via razorsharp entering f...

check bios password tool

space:nowrap;">检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具 检查 bios 密码工具...

Batería Dell Precision M6700

family:Simsun;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;"> Batería Dell Precision M6700 del ordenador portátil Grandes intercambiables baterías para computadora portátil Precision M6700 , 97Wh(9Cell) batería , Entrega gratuita ! Información sobre el producto : Cap...

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