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This code is good source for feature extraction techniques. So, it can be good source for image processing using matlab stufff...

surf desciptors

size:16px;">基于 MATLAB 软件编程,牵引齿轮啮合表面,你可以直观地看到啮合过程的圆柱齿轮,齿轮制造和研究,以提供可靠的依据。齿轮啮合过程研究中的特殊问题实践如齿轮、 振动噪声,等等.........

k means matlab code

size:16px;">评价的两种方法的性能评定方法的两种方法如下: a) 图像灰度分割图像通过设置两个值为强度门限的 K-均值 (K = 3) b) 图像分割.........

Specify rotor type: convex or circular (cylindrical). This choice will affect the number of rotor circuits in the q axis

Application backgroundhe total three-phase apparent power Pn (VA), rms line-to-line voltage Vn (V), frequency fn (Hz), and field current ifn (A). The nominal field current is the current that produces nominal terminal voltage under no-load conditions. This model was developed with all...

Magnetic calibration route for MEMS sensor

Application backgroundMagnetic calibration routine coded  as mat files. it is applicable for all MEMS basded magnetomerterKey TechnologyMATLAB scripts written to perform magnatic calibration. it can be ported to any microcontroller by generating c code...

Super useless thing

Application backgroundhuina gavno hist uper asdf as fjlka ,sn a,f jfklsj fkjskldj fklsaj lfjskdlj fklasjdk lfjklas jflkajs lfksjkl jsalkfj lksdj alsjfl ;jsl;adkj flasjd lfkjsal; jflksaj ;fajskl fjslkaj kflsgifdjnrioej okljdgkl jklgjfkl gjklfngmfm nm m mfn mna gk ng jaklgnlknkl; fa klnkl gjkfjkljkl l...


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