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Numerical calculations Algorithms: NEWTON-RAPHSON ALGORITHM  in Math written by Pascal To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an   initial approximation p0:   INPUT:   initial approximation p0; tolerance TOL;         ...

Airport Simulation

Airport simulation with 3 runways. First two for takeoff and landing while 3rd only for takeoff, except under critical conditions This problem is to simulate an airport landing and takeoff pattern.  The airport has 3 runways, runway 1, runway 2 and runway 3.  There are 4 lan...

Delphi IPEdit controls

IPEdit control that self has been, IPstring attribute is added, you can read or set the IP.DelphiXE1 abbreviations used by the control, and asks the user to modify its own controls to meet your needs...

Beckhoff linear and circular interpolation source code

Application backgroundCan be used in the three axis machine, a straight line and arc function, a certain reference value.Key TechnologyTWINCAT2 integrated environment development, ST language written in a straight line, circular interpolation source code, there is a need for a friend can refer to ~...

Delphi serial

Const u_int16 myDeviceDescriptor[]= "p"//Descriptor as a packed string "X 12" length// "The x 01"//descriptor type: equipment "X 10 x 01" the//USB specification version number "X 00"//category: undefined "X 00"//subclass: undefined "X 00"//Protocol: undefined "X 40"//maximum packet size for e...

Control romate compute

a small programes, include server and client,in server you can set servers , and in client , you can call computer throuth server....


 Numerical calculations Algorithms: NEVILLE'S ITERATED INTERPOLATION ALGORITHM written by PascalTo evaluate the interpolating polynomial P on the   (n+1) distinct numbers x(0), ..., x(n) at the number x   for the function f:   INPUT:   numbers x(0),..., x...


  Numerical calculations Algorithms:  NEWTON'S INTERPOLATORY DIVIDED-DIFFERENCE FORMULA ALGorithm BY PASCALTo obtain the divided-difference coefficients of the interpolatory   polynomial P on the (n+1) distinct numbers x(0), x(1), ..., x(n)   for the function f: &n...


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