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Numerical calculations Algorithms: NEWTON-RAPHSON ALGORITHM  in Math written by Pascal To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an   initial approximation p0:   INPUT:   initial approximation p0; tolerance TOL;         ...

Airport Simulation

Airport simulation with 3 runways. First two for takeoff and landing while 3rd only for takeoff, except under critical conditions This problem is to simulate an airport landing and takeoff pattern.  The airport has 3 runways, runway 1, runway 2 and runway 3.  There are 4 lan...

Delphi serial

Const u_int16 myDeviceDescriptor[]= "p"//Descriptor as a packed string "X 12" length// "The x 01"//descriptor type: equipment "X 10 x 01" the//USB specification version number "X 00"//category: undefined "X 00"//subclass: undefined "X 00"//Protocol: undefined "X 40"//maximum packet size for e...

Delphi IPC Component with WM_COPYDATA.

TITLE : Delphi IPC Component with Windows WM_COPYDATA Message.I made simple class which can exchange data between application with WM_COPYDATA.It's usage is simple.step 1) Just, create TIPCReceiver instance.step 2) bing TIPCReceiver.OnData event on your project.step 3) OnData Event will be fired whe...

GroundCAD for 2d CAD

GroundCAD version 0.2 : Supported operating system :  windows , linux , mac , Android , Actually, we prepared the version 0.2 for windows. Supported languages :  English , French , Arabic. Format drawing : we use Drawing GroundcaD format ,DGD ,...

Matrix type Pascal Console Code

A simple Pascal Code simulating a Matrix style numbers cascade...

Control romate compute

a small programes, include server and client,in server you can set servers , and in client , you can call computer throuth server....


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