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for a smooth sequence, the use ar model parameters and adaptive testing....

Chapter 1 TURBO PASCAL senior programming technology and its use 1.1 1.2 modules...

Chapter 1 TURBO PASCAL senior programming technology and its use 1.1 1.2 modules and compile language Programming were mixed with 1.3 C language types and process 1.4 1.5 interrupt routine use of a method of preparation dynamic array .6 1.7 and its use expanded memory (EMS) 1.8 and its use of Extend...


regard to the natural number n, calculate half Sets set (n) of the number of elements...

Implementations of different methods of sorting: BinaryInsertions.pas Bub...

Implementations of different methods of sorting: BinaryInsertions.pas BubbleSort.pas HeapSort.pas InsertionBorder.pas InsertionSort.pas modifbubble.pas qsort.pas quicksort.pas selection.pas Shaker.pas shell.pas...

Numar prim

Program P2.2; uses crt; var i,n,f : integer; begin clrscr; repeat    write('Introduceţi un număr natural n=');    readln(n); until n>2;    f:=0;    for i:=2 to n div 2 do  ...


Numerical calculations Algorithms:  STEFFENSEN'S ALGORITHM written by PascalTo find a solution to g(x) = x   given an initial approximation p0:   INPUT:   initial approximation p0; tolerance TOL;            max...


Numerical calculations Algorithms: HORNER'S ALGORITHM  in Math written by Pascal To evaluate the polynomial   p(x) = a(n) * x ^ n + a(n-1) * x ^ (n-1) + ... + a(1) * x + a(0)   and its derivative p'(x) at x = x0;   INPUT:   degree n; coefficients aa(...

Information retrieval bag

Application backgroundThe code performs creating of bag of words along with stemming and stopwords removal.In computer vision, the bag-of-words model (BoW model) can be applied to image classification, by treating image features as words. In document classification, a bag of...


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