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article Analyzer

The "article Analyzer 'main function is: as long as the user enters a student's article, then the system will automatically calculate the student in the article that the number of words used. To understand the English proficiency of students and to what extent, the teacher can facilitate students' l...

GroundCAD for 2d CAD

GroundCAD version 0.2 : Supported operating system :  windows , linux , mac , Android , Actually, we prepared the version 0.2 for windows. Supported languages :  English , French , Arabic. Format drawing : we use Drawing GroundcaD format ,DGD ,...


Application backgroundgreat software written in pascal to tracking mouse movementsKey Technologythis program is simulated mouse movement, it's really have a great way to do it...

Dairy Bear Collection System

Application backgroundA collection of silver system, used in the beverage shop. To modify or use the database path to the relative path, the test code used in the absolute path, may lead to run an errorKey TechnologyDairy Bear Collection Silver program Delphi version of the source code, the collecti...


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