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Flex recording source to generate wav audio files

space:nowrap;">A very simple flex recording function, recording is finished, generate wav audio format files...

This is a drawing

This is a drawing of the Flash file, and can be wiped out, as well as a small blackboard, which is free to draw what they want for everyone to share....

Flex acquisition camera screen using the H.264 code flow to FMS

size:16px;">flash builder4.5工程,使用ActionScript开发。采集摄像头画面,使用H.264编码推流到FMS,可以保证较高的编码压缩率。音频使用的Speex,由于专利问题,无法使用aac,遗憾。...

Record AMR Adobe (air for Android)

size:16px;">应用背景高效完成 air for andorid的录音工作,优势:即时性,体积小,效率高源码包中包含ane,as3源代码,android java源代码,调用API,以及使用注意事项关键技术通过as3调用java原生代码,录制amr格式音频,反馈录制后的音...


This is a simple simulation of the solar system's nine planets running small animation. Only fans to watch....

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