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Flex acquisition camera screen using the H.264 code flow to FMS

The flash builder4.5 project, the use of ActionScript development. Collect the camera screen, the use of H.264 code to FMS flow, and can ensure higher compression rate.The use of audio Speex, due to patent issues, cannot use AAC, sorry....

Record AMR Adobe (air for Android)

Application backgroundFor andorid air recording work, advantages: instant, small size, high efficiencySource package contains ane, AS3 source code, Java Android source code, call API, and the use of attentionKey TechnologyCall the Java native code through AMR, record AS3 format audio, feedback after...

ActionScript development video player

Video player can play multiple video files simultaneously, according to jump the cue point information, supports fast forward...

AS3 flash (full tank)

Application backgroundComplete AS3 flash code to achieve the tank wars. A classic 2D game. Pure AS3 code.Key TechnologyCode using actionscript3 technology, the test is completely without bug...

Flash small game source code 4

Application backgroundResource descriptionFlash game source code, the code structure is good, each function has a particularly clear notes, especially suitable for learning and non professionals to do simple replacement...


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