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Flex acquisition camera screen using the H.264 code flow to FMS

The flash builder4.5 project, the use of ActionScript development. Collect the camera screen, the use of H.264 code to FMS flow, and can ensure higher compression rate.The use of audio Speex, due to patent issues, cannot use AAC, sorry....

Flash Sketchpad source

Application backgroundMost of the time we need a function in the Flash like drawing, can draw any shape in the drawing, and can be free to change the color of the brush, change the thickness of the brush to draw, the program can solve this problem!Key TechnologyAbove Flash8 version, using ActionScri...

AS3 flash (full tank)

Application backgroundComplete AS3 flash code to achieve the tank wars. A classic 2D game. Pure AS3 code.Key TechnologyCode using actionscript3 technology, the test is completely without bug...

Zuma game core algorithm

Application backgroundComparison of the classical single game Zuma's core algorithm.Key TechnologyActionscript3 flash technology. Code to achieve the most central part of the game Zuma....

Flash method of obtaining multiple cameras

Get multiple camera images with a flash, read and display, this is one that will allow flash simultaneously display multiple cameras on the same computer image...

AS3, sound player

Application backgroundThe sound of the sound or the play library can be....

AS3, file upload class

Application backgroundFile upload class and sample, take the past can be used directly. With PHP or Java background use. This is just AS3 code....

Angry Bird Flash Game

Angry Bird Flash Game This project is Flash Game using Action Script 3. This is only base gameplay of the game, not including assets or other sound....

Game developing is cool

I am new in game developing and programing and i want to learn how to make own projects with helping on the internet. I want to change my work some day with my dream to create my own world for me and other people....

Poker, a mahalnya Adelangka

Application background<?   define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost');   define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'pok');   define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', '123');   define('DB_DATABASE', 'pok');   define('ADMIN_USERS', 'admin'); // Additional administrators can be added by seperating admin...


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